Blast valves

Lunor blast valves ESV are used in air intake openings of civil defence shelters, military facilities and industriel buildings to block out the destructive effects of all type of explosions. The valve is tested and approved by the Armament Technology and Procurement Group of Switzerland and is designed according to the directives of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Defence.

  • Self-acting
  • 3 bar protection degree
  • Short closure time (< 2ms)
  • Small maintenance effort
  • Easy assembly
  • Available with prefilter
  • Arrangable to wallframes according your demands

Overpressure blast valves

LUNOR Overpressure blast valve

Overpressure Blast Valves are used for air outlets in shelters and safe rooms. When the ventilation system is running, the valve opens due to the overpressure in the shelter.

  • Safe air outlet for shelters and safe rooms
  • Short closure time (< 2ms)
  • Uncomplex assembly
  • Blast protected 3bar

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