Worldwide, the stocks of chemical, biological and atomic warfare agents are growing. More atomic power plants are built every year and some existent are badly maintained. The threat is omnipresent. NBC-filter assure breathable air

Lunor NBC-filters are able to bind all known warfare agents and to guarantee fresh air supply. Prefilters sort out the grit, the HEPA-filter and the activated carbon filter in the core of the system purificate the contaminated air completely.

Field of application

NBC-filters are required when the air is contaminated. This can either happen during wartime or because of accidents in industrial plants. In every case, Lunor NBC-filters will provide fresh air for the occupants in the shelter.

Testing laboratory

Lunor NBC-Filters are certified by Labor Spiez, the worldwide high reputed institution for the protection against atomic, biological and chemical warfare agents.


Lunor NBC-Filters




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